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    Tutoring Service - customized, in-home and one-on-one
    At Tutor Doctor, we genuinely believe that every person is able to learn and grow. Whether our students are pre-kindergartners hitting their first milestones, or veterans returning to college, we make sure to approach every student with the individualized instruction they need.

    What sets our Calgary tutors apart? It's a combination of our flexible schedules, affordable payment plans, and our personal approach. Wherever or whenever your child needs tutoring, we will be there to provide qualified, professional instruction from a tutor who is an ideal match for your student's learning style and skill level--and at a price that works for you.

    We find your student's match through our initial consultation. During our consultation, we do an assessment of your child's academic skills and personality. Then, we match them to a tutor who will best match their personality. By doing this, we can ensure that our tutoring is both effective and enjoyable for our students—which improves their learning even faster!