• Take Advantage of Exclusive Chamber Member Marketing Opportunities from our Media Partners!


  • ION Outdoor Digital Highway Advertising ION Outdoor Digital Highway Advertising

    Large format advertising on the busiest highway in Alberta at an accessible price!

    • 4 weeks double-sided large format digital advertising ad play on ION Outdoor’s 14ft x 48ft Airdrie Superboard.
    • 1x 6 second ad per minute, every 35 seconds, average 6-7 ads per rotation
    • Available to small and medium sized companies that are current chamber members, subject to availability but no black out dates.
    • Small businesses may also be able to share a spot.


    Value: $2,750 per 4 weeks

    Your cost: $2,200 per 4 weeks


    These ads help support our chamber!


    Contact: Wes at ION Outdoor

  • Pattison Outdoor Transit Advertising Pattison Outdoor Transit Advertising

    Capture the attention of drivers and pedestrians alike with high impact formats that move your message across cities.


    King Poster $400 /4 weeks

    Production & install: $180/panel


    Mural $1000 /4 weeks

    Production & install: $1650 /panel


    King Poster with Headliner

    $500 /4 weeks Bus features two king and headliner combos

    Production & install: $580/panel


    UltraTail $650 /4 weeks

    Production & install: $800/panel


    Contact: Adam at Pattison Outdoor Advertising

  • Air 106.1 FM / Discover Airdrie Air 106.1 FM / Discover Airdrie

    Advertise on Airdrie’s #1 local news site that attracts over 210,000 local visits every month!


    Air 106.1 FM Radio


    Purchase 15 x 30 second commercials per month for 3 months and you'll get an additional 15 x 30 second commercials per month for 3 months.

    Value: $1,800 - $2,000 per month

    Your cost: $600 per month


    Bonus Options (pick one):

    • Live-on-Location broadcast (2Hours)
    • 15 additional commercials a month for 3 months (to air Saturdays/Sundays)
    • You provide us with 12 gift certificates in exchange for a once-per-week on-air contest over 3 months.



    Discover Airdrie Online


    Option 1: Purchase 3 months of Digital Ad at half price

    Value: $500 - $750 per month

    Your cost: $250 - $375 per month


    Option 2: Purchase a Sponsored Article, get 3 months of Big Box ads at no cost

    Value: $3,000

    Your cost: $1,500


    Pricing includes designs and the Digital Ad, so no need to pay a designer! Best way to promote your business to a large, established audience.


    Contact: Jordan at AIR 106.1 FM / Discover Airdrie

  • airdrielife magazine airdrielife magazine

    Airdrie Regional Chamber Members receive 10% off all digital rates shown!



    Our average open rate is 46%, DOUBLE the industry average!

    Our weekly e-newsletter provides exclusive contesting, news and more, a great way to reach readers weekly.

    Leaderboard ad: $225 per week

    Rectangle ad: $195 per week

    Square ad: $100 per week

    Contest providers: $50 plus minimum $50 prize


    We have a limited number of social posts slotted for advertisers. We work with your supplied creative messaging to ensure the best outcome mixing posts and stories tagging/linking you each time.

    Each social buy is $195 and includes both Instagram & Facebook.

    Digital Package

    Special DIGITAL GOLD Offer:

    Purchase a one month digital campaign and save!

    You get:

    4 a-list ads

    4 social posts (1 per week)

    1 large website ad for 4 weeks

    Value: $1,480

    Your cost: $995

    Contact: Wendy at airdrielife magazine