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  • The Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven, volunteer-led organization, proudly representing the interests of businesses in our city. Close to 50 years, the Chamber has stood for promoting, representing and enhancing the interests of Airdrie’s business community. The Chamber represents over 500 businesses in our region and is aligned with both the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC), which represents over 25,000 businesses and the Canadian Chambers of Commerce (CCC), which represents over 200,000 businesses. With the largest and most influential business organizations locally, provincially and federally, the Chamber network is the most unified, valued and influential business network in Canada and works together to shape policy and programs that will make a difference to businesses in our area.

    The Airdrie Chamber of Commerce is the largest voice of business in Airdrie & area. Our policy-building process is key to our success as business advocates.  It is our goal to advocate for policies that will foster a strong, competitive economic environment that benefits businesses in our region, and beyond.  

    Chamber policies are voted into force at the Alberta & Canadian Chamber's annual policy sessions and are brought forward to the appropriate elected officials.

    How do we determine our policy topics?

    Through a committee structure that encourages discussion and surveys our membership, the Chamber develops positions on a variety of issues that are important to our members and the community as a whole. 

    Once a policy position is drafted and endorsed by our advocacy committee and Board of Directors, a strategy is developed to inform, educate and gain support of government officials, chamber members, and the general public. Advocacy efforts typically include meetings with elected officials, letter writing, roundtable discussions, collaboration with partners,and submitting policy resolutions to the Alberta and Canadian Chambers of Commerce. 


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  • The Voice of Alberta Business

    Alberta perspectives

    Your interests guide our work and advocacy. We regularly run surveys and solicit feedback from our member to help keep our community thriving.





    Insights into Alberta’s labour shortage

    We wanted to understand the experiences and expectations of Alberta businesses regarding their hiring needs over the next year. Our survey was answered by 487 Alberta businesses.



    Our Priority Areas

    The economic well-being of our province is directly related to the calibre of work that we do. We work with businesses across the province to identify target areas of challenge and opportunity so that we can make an impact through legislation.