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    About Us

    Founded in 2019, Noshie Consulting is a trailblazer in leadership training, community development, and inclusivity. Our founder's journey as an immigrant to Canada has uniquely shaped our mission, making us committed to turning challenges into opportunities for both individuals and organizations.

    Our expertise spans two main sectors: Empowering skilled newcomers to Canada and guiding organizations to harness the potential of immigrant talent. Our flagship programs, 'Unlocking Success: The Professional Immigrant's Blueprint' and 'Cultural Synergy: Leveraging Immigrant Talent,' have revolutionized workplaces and individuals alike.

    We also provide robust sales and customer success strategies for organizations and personal development programs for young men and immigrant women. Our services extend beyond business; they aim to cultivate success stories and transform stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

    At Noshie Consulting, we believe in the power of diversity and inclusion. We invite you to join us on this journey to creating a more inclusive and prosperous future."s.