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    Are You Challenged to Inspire and Retain Staff at Work? I develop emotionally intelligent managers through scientifically validated
    EQ Assessments & Training. Where People Come First! I reduce staff turnover by helping people become better managers. I use scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence Assessments and Training, (EQ-I 2.0 & EQ 360 by Multi-Health Systems Inc.) which delivers better employee engagement and retention.

    EQ-I 2.0 is a powerful scientific Assessment that takes a snapshot of a person's emotional intelligence at a particular point in time. With a focus on developing a set of emotional and social skills, emotional intelligence can improve. First you take the EQI-2.0 Self Assessment. You then get feedback on the results through a debrief and finally based on the subscales you have targeted for development you create a plan for improvement and success.

    EQ360 Assessment is a scientific feedback mechanism that allows an individual to compare how they see themselves to how others see them. EQ360 assessments provide a wealth of feedback data for an individual. You take the self assessment then get feedback through a debrief of your own results followed by the results of different groups that have rated you on the same things, from their own perspective. EQ 360 assessments provide a wealth of well rounded data for an individual.


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