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    ''Trauma Surgeon of Wood'' With high standards, trust and customer service, we take on the worst-case scenarios and make repairs, build new and modernize your home and business to look new again.

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    Customer has a badly damaged table and chair set from years and years of use, we stripped it down, repaired the damaged and refinished to new.
    Our client wanted his 4 poster bed to no longer have posts, after some creative alterations he ended up with just a king bed that he loves now.
    Newly built fireplace mantle with TV insert adn book shelf to fit full wall, then finished it in two seperate lacquer colors.
    Kitchen renovation to take white kitchen to black and white then wanted to have her island converted and add a breakfast seating area.  After Ann finished with her designs we gave the customer a whole new kitchen and island
    A bull mastiff puppy decided to teeth on the staircase, in fact he "ate" the stairs all the way to the top.  After some very extensive and creative touch ups, we restained and gave them a new staircase.
    some water damage, wear and tear from many years of use and sunbleaching, our clients wanted to have a new look.  We gave them just what they wanted.  Did repairs, stained and refinished and here is the result.
    Table and Chair set needing some TLC after may years of use, we stripped it down, did touch ups, restained and refinished all 8 chairs.
    Client wanted to modernize the homes color scheme so we gave them a fresh warmer look.
    Damage caused by wear and tear, repaired damaged surface, color matched and topcoated to protect.
    Impact damaged caused by movers, did repair and the left image is the after.