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    This award is presented to a business that has been operating for at least 2 years and provides an excellent customer service experience. The award will recognize a business that implements one or more major customer services initiatives.

    Award Eligibility

    • Business must hold a valid City of Airdrie business license.
    • Nominees have not received this award in the past five years.
    • Business must be operating for a minimum of two years.
    • Majority of business activities must be located within the City of Airdrie.


  • Exemplary Service Award Finalists

    Community voting is now closed. Tickets are on sale for the Awards Gala on October 21, 2021.



    Ambition Performing Arts (APA)

    We are an Airdrie based Performing Arts School that offers Dance, Music, & Theatre classes. We start with parented classes at 12 months up to pre-professional. Beginners are our specialty. Parents need quality programming that they can feel good about investing in that matches their values. We work hard to provide a family first atmosphere, with a focus on age appropriate development & happy, healthy training that teaches life skills through the arts. We do this while setting the gold standard business practices & technology in our industry. Families are able to choose their level of participation from a variety of participation commitments. The magic in this lies in tailor-made schedules & experiences that foster our students today, as well as creating leaders for tomorrow. We know that less than 5% of our students will go on to become Professional Performers, but 100% of our students will use the life skills they gain throughout their education with Ambition Performing Arts.


    My Garage Auto & Tire

    You've come to the right place. Combining the skill and expertise that you expect with the care and honesty that you deserve, we are Airdrie's premium independent auto service centre. We provide full, bumper-to-bumper care of most North American and Asian vehicle brands. Because we truly love what we do, My Garage is different - in a good way! We feel that by choosing us, you have chosen the foremost facility to inspect, maintain and repair your vehicle; and we will work hard to make you feel the same!


    Fountain of Youth Esthetics & Spa

    The Airdrie Fountain of Youth Esthetics & Spa is dedicated to cultivating the ultimate personalized spa experience combined with the most innovative treatments. Annette, the owner, is a member and the President of the Electrolysis Association of Alberta (ESA) and the Vice-President of the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis Associations (FCEA) and has completed the advance cosmetic procedures designation through Sterex International. The Fountain of Youth Esthetics and Spa had humble beginnings being Annette’s childhood dream. Her business would evolve into the broad range of esthetics and beauty services will electrolysis & laser. Annette is able to combine technical skills and experience to ensure an optimal balance between traditional and cutting-edge esthetic services. All in all, you can’t go wrong with a visit to this private spa in the heart of Airdrie.


    Tires On The Run

    Tires On The Run is an innovative service, offering the full services of a conventional tire shop with the added convenience of at-home / at-work / roadside service. Started in 2013, Roger & Angela Foster purchased the company in 2016. Roger & Angela live in Airdrie, with their 4 daughters aged 14-22 years old. The business has grown tremendously in the last four years. We are likely expanding to 2 units on the road for this coming fall to meet this increasing demand. Even with two units this fall, we are likely to still have more demand than we can keep up with, but we plan on continuing expanding... We shop and support local, and we donate to local causes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our many supporters and clients at this time. We love Airdrie!

  • Your Local Ranch Ltd.

    Your Local Ranch Ltd- Your Traditional Ranching Family -The Bell L Brand has proudly labeled our livestock since 1909. Steeped in tradition and synonymous with the highest quality livestock worldwide. Today the third, fourth, fifth and sixth generations are involved producing the highest quality beef. Our core value driver is to manage our cattle with the very best animal husbandry. We believe "the better you treat your animal's, the better they treat you!" Our cows are pastured on grass every day of the year. With the help of our horses, we move our cattle slowly in order to eliminate stress. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by feeding and bedding our cattle with teams of horses. We finish our cattle on a medley of grains and free choice of roughage that consists of grasses, forage leaves and stocks. This provides our customers with a high quality, flavorful and tender product that is a pleasure to enjoy. Quiet, docile, and happy stock is our cornerstone.