• Legacy Business Award


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    2020 Legacy Business Award Winner

  • Star Bound Dance Company

  • Star Bound Dance Company

  • Awarded to a business that is independently owned and operated, has been in Airdrie for at least 15 years, has shown sustained growth and contributions to local employment. This business has invested in the community and sees community investment as a core part of the company’s values.

    Sponsored by: ATB Financial

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  • Award Eligibility:

    • Business must hold a valid City of Airdrie business license; this license must remain in the same business name for 15 years
    • Business must be operating with the City of Airdrie for a minimum of fifteen (15) years
    • Nominees must not have received this award in the past five years
    • Self-nominations are eligible

    2019 Advanced Distribution/Here's the Scoop

    2018 – Cam Clark Ford
    2017 – McKee Homes

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      Advanced Distribution/Here's the Scoop
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      Blake Clark, Cam Clark Ford
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      McKee Homes