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  • Workshop A: Retirement Planning for Entrepreneurs: including tax planning for today and tomorrow

    ATB Wealth QAFP Tiffany Daw will talk about retirement solutions/planning for Entrepreneurs, this will include thinking differently about traditional retirement vehicles to succession planning and the value of working with a Financial Planner to ensure you reach your goals.

    Curious. Passionate. Energetic. - As an ATB financial advisor, Tiffany enjoys nothing more than sitting down with a client and getting to know them: discovering what their story is, what drives them, their values, what challenges them and what their dreams are. That's what gets her up in the morning—making those dreams come true and having her clients know she truly cares about them. Tiffany also holds her Qualified Associate Financial Planner (QAFP™) designation.

    Guiding you to your goals - Tiffany knows success and happiness look different to everyone, and because of this she works with each of her clients to create customized plans that are broken down into actionable steps. Tiffany encourages you to be actively involved in your finances, which is why she works as a team with other ATB experts to ensure all aspects of your finances are taken care of so you can grow your wealth and reach your ultimate goals.

    Listening means learning - Tiffany has been in the financial services industry for more than 15 years and her background in banking, lending and investments helps her appreciate why ATB Wealth is different, and the impact that client-centered advice has on her clients.

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  • Workshop B: Start-up vs. Growth: How to know when you're moving to the next phase of your business.

    The journey of every business is unique, and the path from start-up to growth can take time to navigate. This workshop addresses the key indicators and strategies to help entrepreneurs identify and make the transition to the next phase of their business. The workshop's first part will focus on understanding the differences between start-up and growth phases. In contrast, the second part will emphasize the importance of developing a clear growth strategy. This involves setting specific goals and identifying the resources required to achieve them. The important exercise of building your team's strengths and weaknesses and recruiting new talent as necessary. This workshop will reiterate why and how establishing a strong brand identity, cultivating customer loyalty, and focusing on innovation will keep you ahead of your competition. We will provide entrepreneurs tips on managing the transition from start-up to growth, including revising the lean business model, adopting new methodologies and being willing to pivot when necessary. These valuable insights will help you identify when your business is growing out of its current phase so you can be prepared to successfully develop and navigate the challenges of change for long-term success. 

    Erika is an Entrepreneur Strategist with ATB, based out of the Entrepreneur Centre in Calgary. Entrenched in community development, and small business, Erika brings a passion for networking, connecting, and collaborating to her work. Being a small business owner herself, she understands the roller coaster of entrepreneurship and loves utilizing her knowledge, tools, resources, and experience to help bring an inspired perspective to her clients. Specializing in business planning, marketing, research, management, and financials, sharing her knowledge, and building entrepreneurs up for long-term success is her focus.

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  • Workshop A: Empower Your Life & Business by Building Better Habits

    • Feeling too stuck, unclear or overwhelmed to get out of a cycle in your life that you know isn’t helping you achieve happiness or meet your potential?
    • In need of a mindset refresh?
    • Ready to have a clearer picture about the strategies and routines you need to implement to expand and reach your next level of success in your career?
    • Here you are again…. Same old thoughts, feelings and behaviours, different day 😉

    Whether your goals are personal or professional join Meagan for an interactive session where you will explore the power of habits and expanding your possibilities. Learn how to intentionally shift old patterns into new ways of being. Delve into the brain body connection, behaviour and belief modification, as well habit formation techniques. Leave with a deeper understanding of your individual process, a clear mindset and practical tips to improving and empowering your everyday experience.

    Meagan is a momma of 3 spirited kiddos, owner of a 320 acre working/wellness ranch, empowerment educator & entrepreneur of 20 years who loves to travel, spend time in nature, with her family/menagerie of animals as well relax with a tea & good book! 

    Her passion as a heart centred Life and Business Coach is in supporting individuals find their way back to themselves, those that have fallen into patterns that no longer serve them, who feel stuck, exhausted, anxious, under resourced or unsatisfied in their lives and/or careers. Inspiriting her clients to find a newfound sense of awareness, courage & freedom. Meagan enjoys the medicine of bridging the gap between the world of science & inner wisdom (what we know and what we know) to ignite our resilience and heart to move forward with effective actions in our own personal sense of leadership and goals.

    Through Solution Focused Coaching, Mindfulness Based Somatic Psychotherapy techniques and Equine Facilitated Wellness Meagan specializations are in emotional resilience, limiting beliefs, self image, healthy boundaries, positive leadership, right use of power, mindfulness centered somatic exploration & authentic business building.

    Meagan’s Training & Major Accomplishments
    -Business Owner/Entrepreneur since 2003.
    -Sits on the Board of Directors of the Professional Association of Equine Facilitated Wellness 
    -Resilience/Boundaries Based Educator

    -Motivational Speaker

    -Retreat & Workshop Leader

    -Professional Business Mentor for Helping/Wellness Professionals 

    -Certified Life Coach, Professional Coach & Addiction Recovery Coach 

    -Certified Right Use of Power Facilitator

    -Certified Eat Breathe Thrive Facilitator

    -Pro-EFW Equine Facilitated Wellness Professional

    -Hakomi - Mindfulness Centred Somatic Psychotherapy Graduate

    -Certified Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher

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    Email: meagan@silvervalleyranch.com
    Phone: 403-807-0759

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  • Workshop B: Simplifying Digital Advertising: Making it Easy to Understand and Use

    Take a dive into the world of digital advertising in 2023, and learn about strategies and platforms that can help your business reach your target audience in an ever changing platform.

    Lilian is a seasoned business leader with a wealth of experience leading sales and marketing teams across various national media companies for over 15 years. Driven by a passion for helping businesses achieve their marketing and advertising goals, Lilian ventured into the agency world as CEO of Smashdoor Marketing. Through her leadership at Smashdoor Marketing, Lilian has built a reputation for creating innovative and effective campaigns that generated remarkable results. The team at Smashdoor Marketing is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in the digital age by providing customized marketing strategies that deliver measurable results. 

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  • Workshop A: Common Financial Mistakes Business Owners make: from bookkeeping, to protection, to wealth creation.

    This workshop will highlight the common mistake business owners, self-employed and one-man corporations make which leads to 1. overpaying taxes, 2. retiring without wealth and 3. risk protection.

    In this works, a practical approach will be shows on how to prepare for bookkeeping that takes 2 minutes a week max., how to keep business and personal taxes separate, how the business owner and the business should be protected from potential risks, and how to build assets within the business and personal that could be tax free. Participants will walk away from this workshop with practical knowledge and action list on how to run their business financial sound.

    Veronique was born and raised in Belgium and immigrated in 1999 to Canada, where she had several high level positions. Her hobby was to learn ‘how rich people became rich?’.

    In her corporate career, she learned the fundamental skills of developing a business, how to make it profitable, and reap the fruits it bears through creating an extensive knowledge of taxes, (to keep her hard-earned money in her pocket), investments (which helps with wealth preservation) and insurances (protecting the risk).

    After moving to Airdrie in 2008, and starting TaxAdVise in 2009, TaxAdVise has grown into a full accounting firm for individuals, sole proprietors and corporations, filling thousands of returns. They have become Airdrie’s tax preparer for both personal and small businesses taxes with their precise bookkeeping, maximized tax returns, insurances and wealth preservation, and investments; a one-stop shop.

    In November 2015, Veronique became a licensed Financial Advisor, upon the request of her Tax clients, in order to help them pay less taxes and create more wealth.

    Very fast, I became one of Canada’s top female Financial Advisors, serving Canadians across the country. Even when my tax clients move, with the technology today, I’m able to prepare taxes and provide financial planning to people all over the country.

    By 2020, TaxAdVise and Koda Financial Architects merged into Koda Financial Architects. They build financial houses, where people have financial peace of mind.

    Koda Financials is a full range financial brokerage that specializes in taxes, bookkeeping, investments and insurances, and they have made it their mission to help educate people on how to organize their finances. Their approach is simple, and they run as a “mom and pop shop - they really know their clients and treat them like family. Their focus is to guide and teach you how to keep your money in your pocket and get you on the right track to financial freedom.

    They understand the anxiety that taxes and finances cause, there’s never a wait time as all taxes are done within 24 hours! Plus, you’ll receive tax strategies with each return. They are available year-round to help with potential audits (although they try to avoid them at all costs) and Koda Financials is on speed dial for all their clients!

    Visit www.kodafa.com to book an appointment to review of your taxes and finances.

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  • Workshop B: Giving Back to your Community (Without Opening up your Wallet)

    Giving back to your community is important in business - consumers love it, it leaves you more fulfilled, and it adds value to your brand. But there will always be times where you want to support a good cause and are unable to contribute financially. In this session, we'll cover different ways in which your business can get involved with non-profit organizations that are mutually successful, simple to set up, and don't require you to open up your wallet. 

    Kym Jarvis and Lindsey Cybulskie are both entrepreneurs that are on the Board of Thumbs Up Foundation (TUF). TUF's purpose is to improve access to mental health care. Our vision is to establish and connect resources for those patients suffering in all areas of mental health. We want to help improve knowledge around mental health; help to create awareness for the need for systemic change(s) to the current access to care, and educate on the devastating loss that can result from these deficiencies.

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