• New award to be presented at upcoming Airdrie Chamber Luncheon

    The Airdrie Chamber will be adding a COVID Warrior Winner to their March Luncheon plans.

    Marilyne Aalhus, Executive Director for the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce, says they are implementing the COIVD Warrior Award to recognize those in the community who have made a positive impact throughout the past couple of years.

    “We are trying to do our best to reward people for being kind and helping make a difference throughout the pandemic.”

    Nominations are open for the COVID Warrior Award under a few general requirements.

    A COVID Warrior is a business or an individual (of any age) that deserves to be recognized for their:

    • Outstanding acts of service.
    • Demonstration of exceptional leadership during COVID 19.
    • Someone or a business who made a major difference in the lessening of stress and brought assistance to neighbours, co-workers, employees, or others during the pandemic.

    Award Eligibility:

    • Business must be located in Airdrie, Alberta or must be an Airdrie Chamber member.
    • Individuals must be located in Airdrie, Alberta.

    The Airdrie Chamber of Commerce's Motivation March Luncheon will happen on March 31 where the first-ever COVID Warrior Award winner will be recognized.

    “It's a luncheon where we come together to motivate each other and talk about perseverance." says Aalhus, "This year's topic is the Perseverance Within Us.”

    Michelle Cederberg will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming luncheon.

    “Michelle's focus is very much around success and how to incorporate success into the workplace and into the home," Aalhus continued, "It's based on energy and sometimes resetting your mind and your focus to help people take this opportunity to look within and to support one another and do their best.”

    To nominate somebody for COVID Warrior Award, visit the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce WEBSITE. The deadline to submit a nomination is February 25.