• Chamber Market expands as growing number of Alberta businesses join e-commerce marketplace

    February 28, 2022
    Chamber Market expands as growing number of Alberta businesses join e-commerce marketplace  
    Innovative platform a blueprint for shop local movement in Western Canada
    A growing number of Alberta businesses are gaining traction in the competitive sphere of e-commerce thanks to Chamber Market, a made-in-Alberta online marketplace.
    Since December, Chamber Market has expanded to feature:
    More than 200 Alberta businesses selling their products, with more than 600 currently onboarding;
    More than 3,550 products available for purchase; and
    More than fifty affiliated chambers of commerce.
    “We want to thank Albertans for choosing to support our local makers and merchants,” said Ken Kobly, President and CEO of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce. “Over the holiday season, Chamber Market helped 46 businesses secure new sources of revenue and new customers. This e-commerce solution is providing an important boost for many businesses after nearly two years of pandemic turbulence.”
    Chamber Market reflects the unique talents of artisans across the province and offers clothing, décor, food and art – everything from homemade jams to polymer clay earrings. It’s helped business owners reach customers while supporting their individual needs.
    Irricana-based André Proust and Stella Brassard joined Chamber Market after opening André & Stella Games, a home-based woodworking business they started to supplement income lost due to COVID-19.
    “Over the fall and holiday season, Chamber Market customers made up about 25 per cent of our overall sales, so the platform has really helped us get our business off the ground,” said Proust. “Every time we meet a local brick-and-mortar business owner, we encourage them to join because we see so much potential for the online marketplace.”
    For Lloydminster-based Colleen Forbes, who was injured in an automobile collision in 1996, the platform allows her to supplement her disability income support with a flexible schedule.
    “I can’t work full-time, but I can create my custom jewellery, art, and decor with resin and paint an hour at a time from my home,” said Forbes, owner of Colleen’s Creations. “It means a lot to feel a sense of accomplishment; I’ve received so many compliments about the art I create.”
    The Alberta Chambers of Commerce partnered with B.C. software company WiseBox Solutions to create Chamber Market last year in response to the ongoing challenges the COVID-19 pandemic posed for local businesses. The platform is already being replicated for the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce with support from the Alberta Chambers of Commerce.
    “The pandemic has been particularly tough on the small business community, and Chamber Market offers a well-supported e-commerce backbone our members can leverage without a hefty investment to increase sales and even reach new markets,” said Chuck Davidson, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce President & CEO. “We are pleased to be able to offer this technology platform to Manitoba businesses who are working hard to recover, as it harnesses e-commerce opportunity, while reinforcing the strength and reach of the chamber brand.”
    With more than 27 million Canadians shopping for retail online last year alone, the Alberta Chambers of Commerce will continue to expand Chamber Market’s offering to include more vendors, namely in food production, in 2022.
    For more information, contact:

    Jason Leslie, Planning and Communications Director
    Alberta Chambers of Commerce
    780-425-4180, ext. 4
    Colleen Forbes
    Colleen’s Creations
    André Proust
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