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    Martin's Pest Control -Have Peace of Mind and 15% Off
    We Care for What Bugs You!
    Our pest control services cannot be matched!  Come Home with Martin's Pest Control!

    We are specialized in 5 different classes of pest control and are recognized as a leader in safety with a 97% in our COR Safety Audit. We care about our employees, our environment and you! We are here to grow our city and take pride in the amazing communities and programs which see Airdrie thrive.  

    We offer Personal Protection Plans to control, prevent and mitigate the migration of pests into your home and business.  Our pest control measures take into account location, access and underlying causes.  A personalized plan is created by our licensed technicians to eliminate underlying causes, remove access and work with location to create a symmetry between nature and you.  We offer effective natural remedies and work within the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Act to ensure this balance is kept.  We are doing what we do best so you can keep doing what you do best.

    Structural- Biting Fly- Mice- Voles- Fumigation- Landscape- Tree Pests- Bedbugs- Cockroaches- Bats- Birds- Exclusion- Trapping- Gophers- Skunks- Wasps- Bees- Ants- Stored Product Pests- Moths- Fruit Flies- Carpenter Ants- Spiders- And More

    Call us today at 403-460-7213
    We Care for What Bugs You!

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