• 2022 Spirit of Airdrie Non-Profit Award - Nomination Form

    Thank you for taking the time to nominate a deserving Airdrie non-profit organization for the Spirit of Airdrie Award. All nominations remain anonymous. This nomination form is to recognize a registered non profit that has been in Airdrie for at least two years and continuously serves and promotes the community of Airdrie via specific programing, resources, assistance, and/or services they offer, thus making Airdrie a more desirable and inclusive community to live.

    Award Eligibility

    - Must be a registered non-profit organization or incorporated as a society.
    - Operating for a minimum of two years.
    - Majority of programs/services offered must be geared towards the Airdrie community.

    NOTES: Only one submission per business or organization is required to be nominated. Community voting will begin on September 9th when the finalists are announced. Self-nominations are accepted in this category. The ABA planning committee reserves the right to reallocate nominees into the appropriate award category if they are determined to be ineligible in the Spirit of Airdrie Award category.
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    I, the nominator agree that the information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that the Airdrie Business Awards planning committee will keep this information secure and confidential, and it will not be released without express consent from either the nominee or nominator as applicable.