• Exhibitor Application

    Please complete this Exhibitor Application prior to REGISTERING.
    Please note: you cannot exit and save this form. Use the minimize button to refer to the useful links on the main event registration page to assist you with answering the questions. After this form is complete, return to the main event registration page and click "Register" to complete the second step of the registration process where you will complete your payment.
    Which category do you best fit? *
    Field B flooring is Pulastic Sports Floor and no heavy items are permitted on this floor (heavy is consider 150 lbs/square inch). Will you have any items in your booth which may be considered heavy or any items with sharp legs? *
    A complimentary draped and skirted table is included with your booth price. Do you require a table and if yes, what size? Please note: all hallway tables default to a 6 foot table. *
    Do you require power at your booth? (one 600 watt duplex outlet will be provided with your booth if you check yes) Please note: hallway tables do not receive power. *
    If you require additional power, please use the GES ORDER FORM link on the main event registration page to place an order. *
    GES Display Services is the official supplier of booths, rental furniture and accessories. Should you require any GES products or services please ensure the GES Exhibitor Kit rental form is completed and submitted directly to GES prior to April 9, 2020 in order to receive discounted rates. *
    Four Exhibitor Badges are included with your booth registration. Do you require additional badges for an additional $2.00 each? If yes, please add them to your order on the "Register" tab. *
    The Airdrie Home & Lifestyle Show requires all Exhibitors have a $2,000,000 minimum in liability insurance. Exhibitors must secure a certificate of insurance providing proof of insurance and adding the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce as an additional insured. The deadline for proof of insurance is March 13, 2019. Please send certificate of insurance to events@airdriechamber.ab.ca *
    Are you preparing, serving and/or selling food at the show? *
    Alberta Health Services requires any vendor serving/selling food to complete the ''Special Event Food Vendor Notification'' form. The deadline to submit this form is March 13, 2020. Submit form to events@airdriechamber.ab.ca *
    Are you providing a Personal Service (this includes touching the public ex threading, massage, etc.)? Please see the AHS “Requirements for Personal Services at Temporary Events and Trade Shows” to see if this applies to you as an exhibitor *
    Are you bringing an animal to the show? If you answer yes, someone from the show will contact you to discuss the details. Animals are not permitted until show management has given you written approval. *
    Exhibitors wishing to cancel their booth must do so before February 28, 2020. A $150.00 administrative fee for all cancellations made on or before February 28, 2020 will be applied. *
    I understand that there will be no refunds for cancellations made after midnight on February 28, 2020 *
    I hereby certify that I have read and understood the Exhibitor Code of Conduct & Exhibitor Agreement (found on the event registration page) and will adhere to the stated rules and regulations of the Airdrie Home & Lifestyle Show or risk expulsion from the show. *
    I will provide a signed copy of the Exhibitor Code of Conduct & Exhibitor Agreement (found on the event registration page) to events@airdriechamber.ab.ca no later than February 21, 2020. *
    All exhibits not in accordance with booth regulations and any proposed structural changes must be forwarded to Show Management for written approval prior to March 13, 2020 *
    Are you interested in becoming a Sponsor of the 2020 Airdrie Home & Lifestyle Show (Presenting Sponsor, Money Tunnel Sponsor, etc.)? *
    Please contact events@airdriechamber.ab.ca or 403-948-4412 should you require more than one booth once you are finished this Exhibitor Application (before Step 2 clicking the Register button).
    Are you interested in providing items for swag bags (minimum quantity of 500) *
    After submitting this Exhibitor Application I will click the "Register" button on the main event page to compete the second step for the registration process including payment. *