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    Purpose of Member to Member Deals program

    The Member to Member (M2M) Discount Program is designed to:

    1.    Provide all Chamber members with exclusive offers, benefits and value-added opportunities through other Chamber members.

    2.    Help members realize greater returns through increased M2M savings and sales, which will help offset the cost of their annual Chamber membership fees.

    3.    For Chamber members to use as a marketing tool to help grow and develop their business.

    4.    Encourage business to business relationships and supports the local economy.

    Program Criteria:

    ·         Discount providers must be a member in good standing of the Chamber, with membership fees paid in full. 

    ·         M2M Discount Offer is subject to approval by the Chamber Office. The provider may be asked to clarify their offer if the intent is not clear prior to final approval.

    ·         The Chamber reserves the right to reject any member participation in the M2M Discount Program.

    ·         Discounts must be exclusive for all Chamber Members. Not a program otherwise marketed to the general public, business community, or through any other membership program or organization. 

    ·         The service or discount you offer must appeal to all sizes of business.

    ·         In order for the partnership to be effective, it is the responsibility of the discount provider to inform all of their staff of the discount benefit the company is offering. Uninformed staff does not make for satisfied customers or users of the program.

    ·         The Chamber member business agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and release the Chamber from any liability arising out of the offering and purchase of service and/or goods under the M2M Discount Program.


    To access the list of Member to Member Deals login to your Member Information Center.



    Cards are available for pick up at the Airdrie Chamber office.