• News Release: 2022-11-23

    The team at the Advantage Program is actively working to assist your organization to promote the IRIS Advantage Eyecare Benefits program.
    I am reaching out to you today to remind you of the great benefits IRIS is providing to your employees.   
    The end of 2022 is almost upon us. Your extended health benefits may be expiring at the end of the year, so now is the time to use those benefits in addition to the IRIS Advantage Benefits.
    This is an opportunity for your employees to be reminded about their eyecare benefits for themselves and their immediate family members.
    They are able to access great benefits, which are combinable with extended health plans and allow them to receive greater value for their health care dollars.  
    Each employee is eligible to receive $150 towards a complete pair of Prescription Glasses with fully coated lenses or a Complete Pair of Prescription Sunglasses. We also provide $50 towards an annual supply of contact lenses.
    On top of this, they can also receive $50 towards non-prescription sunglasses valued at $100 or more, as well as other benefits.  
    IRIS professionals are always available to discuss eye health, vision issues or to discuss how your employees / members can experience better vision with IRIS.
    In addition to an exceptional customer experience they will enjoy all of the benefits IRIS offers including our IRIS warranties and No-Matter-What Guarantee, and options for interest free financing.

    To register for your benefits, go to www.iris.ca/advantage, click on "I have my Access Code" and use code: AIRDCC