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  • Employer Excellence Award Finalists

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  • Airdrie Alarm and Surveillance Inc.

    Being in business for over 14 years in the Airdrie Area; we have grown our culture and business by building the many relationships with The City of Airdrie Corporate Team, Entrepreneurs, Franchise Owners, Ranchers, Farmers, Acreage Owners and the Local residents. 

    Since our incorporation in 2007, we have seen a huge shift in the industry from the traditional alarm systems to Home Automation, Self Monitoring, and integrating various products like Doorbell Cameras, Door Locks, Garage Door and HVAC Control, Access Control, Water Shut Valves, Energy Monitors, Irrigation Control and Personal Wellness Systems.  We are competing with some of the largest players in this market and offer products like Security guard services and response, Hardwired Residential and Commercial Camera Systems, ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring, and at the same time strive on having same day service to help us separate from that competition. 

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  • Ambition Performing Arts Inc.

    We are a Performing Arts School offering Dance, Music, & Theatre classes for all ages & abilities.

    Parents need quality programming that they can feel good about investing in that matches their values. We work hard to provide a family first atmosphere, with a focus on age appropriate development & happy, healthy training that teaches life skills through the arts.

    We do this while setting the gold standard business practices & technology in our industry.

    Families are able to choose their level of participation from a variety of programming options. The magic here lies in tailor-made schedules and experiences that foster our students today, while creating leaders for tomorrow. We know that less than 5% of our students will go on to become Professional Performers, but 100% of our students will use the life skills they gain throughout their education with Ambition Performing Arts.

    Simply put: We raise tomorrow's leaders through the arts, and this is important work!

  • BrokerLink

    BrokerLink has been a part of the Airdrie community since 2006. If we don't know what's going on in our community, we can't do our best for them. That's why our office and staff are actively getting involved in local events we are passionate about. We support the community with sponsorships for local minor sports teams, sponsoring the Mighty Machines event at the Airdrie Public Library the past two years, as well as numerous donations to community events and fundraisers. We have volunteered as an office with the Airdrie Festival of Lights for the last 4 years. We also offer every employee one paid volunteer day a year, which they can use towards supporting a charity or cause that’s important to them. Being a part of the community means living our company values in all that we do. We behave with integrity, We respect each other, We are customer driven, We strive for excellence, We act with generosity. BrokerLink is an amazing company to work with and for.

  • MJ McClain Professional Accountant

    Upon receiving my accounting designation, I worked for an oil and gas service company in downtown Calgary. After moving to Airdrie, and having my two children, I was looking for a career option that was closer to home.

    At that time, there was an accounting practice in town by the name of LMT Barker, owned by Lynda Barker.  In 2013, I partnered with Lynda.  A short 11 months later, in the spring of 2014, Lynda realized her dream of retiring to Victoria, and I took over the practice as a sole practitioner – MJ McClain Accounting practice was born.

    We were originally a team of three that has grown, over the past six years, to our current team of five.  We’ve not been without our challenges along the way.  We weathered the downturn of 2016, absorbed a couple of home-based practices, dealt with numerous family events, and continue to weather COVID-19.  We’ve literally laughed together and cried together and look forward to many more years of the same.

  • Perfect Home

    Perfect Home is a locally owned and operated business with deep ties in the Airdrie Community and as such understands the importance of customer service in being successful in smaller communities. We give back through various organizations as well as our own giveaway programs which sees hundreds of thousands of dollars in furniture given directly to people within our community. Perfect Home strives to offer Airdrie the same options and convenience of furniture stores in the big cities, while maintaining the feel and service associated with local stores. Perfect Home’s product line rivals both the selections of big box stores as well as the designable appeal of boutique furniture stores. Perfect Home’s online platforms continue to offer industry leading tools to enhance the customer service experience, which starts the moment they walk in the door. Perfect Home’s playlist, kids theatre room help create a relaxed shopping environment for people to create their Perfect Home.