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    948 Brewing Company

    Many fellow Airdrie residents will remember the days where all the phone numbers started with 948 and did not have to dial the area code. 948 represents Airdrie and reflects on how it was and how it has grown today.

    Flavours of Montreal

    Carolyn & Jacques have been in food service for approximately 10 years. We are focused on Fresh products, we use no fillers in our products. We are also focused on Customer Service, and we listen to our customers. We stand behind our products and services 100%. We have always had a love of food, and want to provide quality fast food.

  • Micro Acres

    At Micro Acres we approach agriculture in an innovative way. Growing in square feet, not acres. With 15 years’ experience in the food service industry we have always had the privilege of serving others amazingly fresh and local products. However, food costs for local products have gone up over the years and we want to change that. Together we desire to take that same service and attention and apply it to an incredible product that is local, healthy and fresh 365 days a year that can be delivered to tables and restaurants within hours of harvest. We offer both pre-cut and living trays of microgreens grown sustainably with organic practices in mind.

  • The Beautiful Tooth Company

    The Beautiful Tooth Company offers Airdrie an alternative and unique approach to dental services. We pride ourselves in providing affordable, gentle and personalized preventative oral health care while engaging our patients every step of the way. Our commitment to upholding the highest quality of care and exceptional patient experience will give you something to smile about and keep your dental fears away :) Through disease prevention and education, we motivate and empower our patients to taking better care of their oral health and overall wellness; setting them up with the proper tools for success. Our services include exams, digital x-rays, oral cancer screening, full range of hygiene care (cleanings), pain and cavity control, sealants, teeth whitening, mouth guards and more. We collaborate with a dentist if further treatment is required. Patients feel at home in our welcoming and relaxed boutique space and love the massaging chair, beverage bar and complimentary teeth whitening.

  • The Pest Control Guy

    The Pest Control Guy was born the first of April 2019 and has had a great progression since then. We had great support from this community directly from the start. It became obvious that a local pest control was needed. We love this city very much and have learned how this community has the biggest heart we've ever seen in a city. That is why we are happy to live here and want to give back. We are proud of what we have already accomplished in giving back, here is a list of all the support this business has been involved with: Airdrie food bank, Airdrie Power, Ecole francophone, Iron horse park, Airdrie Chamber of Commerce, Airdrie Chamber golf tournament, other events with the Airdrie Chamber, Project Jack and Jill, Airdrie dad golf tournament, Airdrie Dad Christmas hamper, !00 man that gives a damn, Ladies golf club, Football Irish club, support with many families in need, different bottle drives and we also participate in many food collecting events.